Technology should help you achieve your goals and misson. Not slow you down.

A Sidekick now can save you the aggrevation and time, getting you back on task.

Don't waste your time.

You can spend your time today trying to fix a nagging tech issue, or you can call a Sidekick and get back to doing what you are great at. We are here for you.

Wouldn't you rather have help?

We know you can figure it out on your own, but do you have the time? Every day we fix a bothersome tech issue is a good day for us, and you!

Our support helps you grow.

Your business grows with your attention and time. Hiring a Sidekick to support you and your technology needs saves you time and will help you focus on the important things.

Meet our team

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Morgan Newman

Morgan Newman

General Sidekick

Morgan is a tech generalist with a background in entrepreneurship, web development, system admin and repair, network design and admin. He always answers his phone.

Melodie Ford

Training Sidekick

Melodie is a veteran in Office Software support/training, workflow optimization and Intranet design/development. Her design, research, training, and software support are unmatched.

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$80 per hour

  • Help install, or configure software
  • Software training and guidance
  • Web Domain and Certificate recovery, setup or transfers
  • Set up webhosting, wordpress or blog
  • Help with online stores and payments
  • Custom website design and creation Social Media Ad campaigns
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